5 Outdoor Activities in Dartmouth

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Get outside

It’s hard to believe we’re heading into the final weeks of August already! Cool weather is around the corner, but there’s plenty of time to soak up some sun. Here are our five suggestions for outdoor activities in Dartmouth and Halifax. They’re perfect for getting outside before Labour Day comes around!

1. Dartmouth Commons
Many of us have taken a leisurely walk—or shortcut—through the Commons, but it’s easy to forget how lucky we are to have green spaces right downtown. One of our favourite things about the Commons is its killer hills (it’s a love-hate relationship). For a heart-pumping workout try them out! We’ve got some tips to help you get to the top.

2. SUP Monkey on Lake Banook
SUP is an acronym for Stand-Up Paddleboarding, which is a pretty great description of what SUP Monkey offers! You can rent a paddleboard from them by the hour and they’ll take you through the basics before letting you strike out on your own. One of our members gave it a go and she says it’s a blast and relatively easy to do. SUP Monkey also offers group activities, including paddleboard yoga and a nighttime paddleboard portage.

3. Dartmouth Multi-Use Trail
You don’t have to be on the water to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake Banook. Instead check out the Dartmouth Multi-Use Trail—part of the Trans-Canada Trail—which leads from Sullivan’s Pond to Micmac Boulevard. You can walk, run or bike the path.

4. Haunted Walk of Halifax
The Haunted Walk explores the spookier side of Halifax’s history. The tour takes about 2 hours and moves at a leisurely pace making it a good fit for different ages or fitness levels. It’s a nice way to take advantage of late-summer nights in downtown Halifax.

5. Roller Blading at Emera Oval
You don’t see many people roller blading down the sidewalk anymore, but you do see them at the Halifax Commons! During the summer you can rent in-line skates and skate the Emera Oval completely free. If you’re thinking about coming out of rollerblade retirement, you’ll be happy to hear they also rent helmets, wrist guards and knee pads.

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