Great hikes close to Dartmouth

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Great hikes close to D website

One of the great parts about living in Halifax or Dartmouth is how close we are to so many great hiking destinations. To celebrate Canada Day, we put together a list of our trainer’s favourite hikes or parks that can be visited in a day.

Shubie park

Shubie park

Monique: I’m in Shubie Park 3 to 4 times a week, but it’s more of a walk than a hike. Best hike is a toss-up between Taylor Head and Cape Split, both have spectacular views. Taylor Head is about 90 minutes from Halifax and has a few trails that take anywhere from 60 minutes to 5 hours. Cape Split is one of the more famous Nova Scotia hikes with views right along the coastline.

Bluff Trail

Bluff Trail




Ben: The Bluff Trail is one of my favourite hikes. The shortest loop is 7 km and it is a great workout. It usually takes between 2 to 3 hours depending on how fast you want to go. Although Duncan’s Cove on a hot day is amazing because of the view and breeze, you have being right on the ocean. Duncan’s Cove is also shorter than the Bluff Trail and you could be out and back in hour or two.

Pollys cove

Polly’s cove

Olivia: I love Polly’s Cove, which is near Peggy’s Cove. It’s not so much a hike, as an area to explore. There aren’t marked trails, but you can walk along the waterfront and see some pretty great views. There’s also some easy rock bouldering there—and some pretty scary bouldering! For a more traditional hike that’s nice and quick, I like Crystal Crescent. You can stick to the pathway or go into the woods. Plus the view of the ocean is amazing!


Let us know what some of your favourite hikes are?

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  1. Sharon

    It’s not a hike, but the boardwalk along the Bedford Basin in DeWolf Park is a great place for a brisk walk. You start at the pier and walk along the boardwalk until you get to a gravelled walking path. I love the view, and there are so many families in the park and people walking their dogs that my 12-year-old dog has become much friendlier with kids and other dogs.

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