International cooking challenge

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Lately, Olivia and I have been in a rut when it comes to cooking. Week after week we were having the same dishes. This led to being bored in the kitchen which led to some poor food choices.

While were in search of some inspiration, Olivia heard about a food challenge on the Splendid Table podcast. The cooking challenge involves picking a country at random and then cooking a traditional meal from that country.

Last week we landed on Tanzania. Olivia made a delicious peanut curry with chapati which is a traditional flat bread from Tanzania. After spinning the globe again we landed on Greece.

For our Greek dinner we chose a traditional Greek street food: The Gyro. Although inspired by tradition, we switched things up by using roasted eggplant instead of lamb. We also made Greek salad and included homemade baklava for dessert.

This challenge is helping us discover foods and recipes we haven’t tried yet. So far it’s keeping us inspired!

Check out our culinary visit to Greece and let us know if you give this challenge a try!

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