Keep all the nuts at work

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Nuts are great, but I have a problem. While I’m waiting for dinner I can easily eat 1,000 calories worth of nuts. One cup of peanuts is 1,000 calories.

My solution? Keep all the nuts at work.

Then, if I am feeling hungry, I can have a couple. It also curtails the 3:00 pm temptation to grab a sugar-loaded snack from a coffee shop.

At work, I am less likely to go crazy for nuts.

One Comment on ““Keep all the nuts at work”

  1. Sharon

    When I was teaching at a community college, it could be hard to find time and places to eat (other than the cafeteria, which I preferred not to use). I found that a little container of plain almonds and a couple of clementines in my purse were great snacks to keep on hand…portable, tasty and easy.

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