Group Classes

“The trainers at Core made me feel totally comfortable to push my limits and strive to do better in a safe and inviting environment — the most fun I’ve had doing a workout in a long time!”Kat Pyne

“I was entering the world of studio fitness and training from the world of yoga. My previous experience with gyms were either that they were intimidating, or I was among people three times my own age. I took an intro class from Ben and I knew I had found the right spot. The classes are designed so everyone can go at their own intensity, and the trainers and classmates are nothing but positive and encouraging. The groups are a diverse mix of ages and abilities, but everyone always gets a good work-out, and (usually!) has fun doing it. There’s good variety in the types of classes offered, and no two classes are the same. I love that I can go to 4 or 5 classes a week and never get bored. On the whole, it is a welcoming, neighborly place to increase your fitness (whatever that means to you) and make some friends in the process. I think that any person, whether a seasoned gym rat or a first-timer, would learn something, feel challenged, and leave smiling when they’ve worked out at Core Essentials.”
–Kate Mosher

“I love Core Essentials! I started going when my body and spirit were at their worst. I needed a change and wanted something to fit my hectic schedule of work and kids. I found the lunchtime classes at Core and dove right in, and I haven’t looked back. The classes are fun, challenging, intimate, and as hard (or easy) as I want them to be. The trainers are fantastic, I love every one of them, they are knowledgeable, personable, and really care about how you are doing and what you are getting from the classes. The atmosphere is so relaxed and motivating, definitely not intimidating. I’m so happy with the results I’ve been seeing and feeling in my body, my stress level is lower, some aches and pains have gone, and I feel great about myself and my body again! Thank you Core Essentials, I can’t wait to see how far I can go.”
–Jenna MacKinnon

“I agreed to just ‘try it’ a little over a year ago, and I got totally hooked!”Sharon Jessup Joyce

“My family and I have been training at Core Essentials for a few years now. I enjoy the variety of the classes and the fact that you can work at your own pace. The trainers are friendly and encouraging and the space is welcoming. I would recommend this gym to almost anyone who is looking to live a healthier life.”
–Blake Barkhouse

“I started attending fitness classes at Core Essentials last spring a few months after getting a clean bill of health on a knee injury. The only type of exercise that I had regularly done prior to my knee injury was running – running was in my comfort zone, while gyms were intimidating and were not. However, the small class sizes, and welcoming and open environment at Core Essentials has totally changed my perception of gyms and I look forward to going to Core for classes several times a week now. The classes offered at Core Essentials are all easily adaptable for different fitness levels and all the instructors are great at providing modifications if needed.

While these are all great things, but I think that what really keeps me going to Core Essentials, is how there is a real sense of caring and support that exists both inside and outside the gym. Core Essentials is more than just going to a gym to exercise. The best example of this I can think of is how another regular at Core Essentials had an art exhibit in the summertime at a local bar. Ben and Olivia were both there, along with myself to see her work. Where else can you go to exercise and know that your instructors are rooting for your success not only in fitness, but in your personal life as well?”
–Jenna Khoury-Hannah

Personal Training & Coaching

“I joined Core Essentials specifically for personal training in January 2015 after months of trying to lose weight and tone up independently without much success. I was a little apprehensive as I’d never actually joined a gym before, but quickly found joining Core for PT was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

The staff at Core (especially my trainer, Ben Costigan) couldn’t have impressed me more. Through their personalized fitness and nutritional counselling, I reached my weight loss goals and I even exceeded my own expectations in getting to a level of fitness I never knew I could.

I had initially signed up for 10 PT sessions in January 2015, but loved it so much I’ve continued it to this day and don’t plan on slowing down! My quality of life has improved so much now that I’m healthier, and I have Core Essentials to thank for it.”
–Erin Watt

“From gymnastics strength training to Crossfit, Ben continually researches, experiments, and adds to his coaching toolbox. He keeps my training program progressive, interesting, challenging, and fun.”Peter Bojanic

It has been my good fortune to have had Olivia as my personal trainer. Olivia is a dedicated and reliable professional who is genuinely concerned about the well-being of her clients and their achieving long-term health benefits. She possesses a sound understanding of physiology and diet, and promotes a natural approach to health. In addition to this, she makes every effort to keep the workouts interesting.

I came to Olivia and Ben looking for help with my diet and exercise. I am Vegan and when I was doing research on finding a personal trainer, Olivia’s name came up. I met with both her and Ben and I’m so happy that I did. They helped me figure out what I should be looking for when shopping for foods, etc. Any questions I had, they were always able to answer.

I also have peripheral neuropathy in my lower legs and feet. Because of this, my balance is not that great and my strength is quite weak in my legs. Squatting, bending and getting up from a seated position is often a challenge. Olivia personalized my training routine to help strengthen my legs and work on my core (balance). She made every single session enjoyable and I looked forward to it! I don’t remember EVER looking forward to a training session before. She made it fun and comfortable. We also laughed quite a bit.

So sum everything up, I can honestly say that I will never look for another trainer or fitness club. Olivia and Ben do what they do because they enjoy it and always have your best interests at heart. I HIGHLY recommend them and can’t thank them enough for everything.
–Roberta Degaust

“Core Essentials’ personal wellness coaching, has led me to a healthier lifestyle and greater mindfulness. Weekly check-ins, tailored programming, and non-judgmental advice provides me with the motivation and accountability to make sustained lifestyle changes. Ben Costigan focuses on reaching my own personal goals by helping with meal planning and offering valuable insights into how sleep, fitness, and hydration all play a role in health. He encourages the use of wellness tracking to monitor progress so that you can focus on the small wins as you make big lifestyle changes. I highly recommend Core Essentials to anyone who is looking to improve their health and wellness.”
–Jaime Chisholm

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